About Me

My name is Megan Shersby and I am a naturalist, blogger and bookworm.

As a young conservationist and naturalist, I am a member of a fantastic group called A Focus On Nature, and I am a committee member as their Online and Social Media Manager.

I admit to being an improving amateur in many areas of wildlife ID and knowledge, there is just so much out there! However, I am a strong advocate that you can never stop learning, and you should never stop learning.

You can also find me on Twitter, but consider yourself warned in advance that I tweet a lot about wildlife, as well as Game Of Thrones, Bake Off and my cat.

Latest Blog Posts

A green surprise in the centre of London

Earlier this week, I left my leafy suburbia and headed deep into urban environment. Rushing through dark tunnels on a Tube train where everyone was consciously avoiding each others’ eyes, walking through a swish but very grey Kings Cross train…

Wherefore art thou mongoose?

This was meant to be published in early October but my internet connection wasn't good enough for upload photos, so here it is now.  Oh the frustrations of finding dwarf mongoose in the bush. To start off, they are pretty small – less than…

Domestic wildlife - The South African version

Due to the recent increases in temperature, the middle of day is now quite hot and as a result, the mongoose flake out in the shade for a few hours and we head back to the house. During one of these midday breaks, I got a good view of the local…

My workplace is pretty cool

Unlike most of the previous blog-worthy sightings, this week’s ones occurred at our workplace. On a side note, I like using the word ‘workplace’. For many, it will evoke an image of an office or another indoor environment, which reminds…

SA Animal Profile - Eland and the mystery of the clicking

The eland, Tragelaphus oryx, is an intriguing animal, though of course to me, every animal is intriguing. The largest antelope in southern Africa, it seems that they’re often dismissed in favour of more elusive or prettier animals. With a…

Twiddling my thumbs

The work of a dwarf mongoose research assistant does not vary all that much and can be summed up in one word: habituation. A few more details would include GPS tracking, weighing, sound recordings and behavioural observations. However, there…

So much fluffiness, dead to the world and trendy mattress hats

Recently the other researchers and I took another busman’s holiday, being taken on a game drive on the nearby Karongwe reserve with a researcher there. We are a bit used to the normal game drive animals, and luckily the researcher was looking…

A note about photography

I’ll be honest, my photography skills are very amateur. I tend to take photos for memory and for the sake of identification purposes with birds and insects. I don’t really know anything about exposures, aperture or iso. Or even how to edit…

Kruger Part Three - A slight tangent and causing a traffic jam

After having just seen four different species that all made me very aware of my own lack of power by being a human (elephant, lion, crocodile, hippo), you might consider the next species to be somewhat uninspiring but I beg to differ. It was…
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