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I am a naturalist, bookworm, cat owner and occasional blogger.

I live in Bristol, where I am attempting to create a wildlife-friendly garden. As I rent and my garden is covered in pebbles, this means I am somewhat limited to pots and raised beds, but I live in hope!

I am also on Instagram and Twitter.

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A bit of everything (well, almost)

I know that every week I say, "Wow, what an amazing and full-on week I've had, and I've learnt so much!" It just seems to be the nature of this traineeship (and my spare time!) to just be jam-packed with cool wildlife stuff. Despite not being…
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One twitch does not a twitcher make (but it's a good start)

I've seen a lovely variety of wildlife in the last fortnight, so I'll just have to pick out the best ones for now. Beginning with some moth trapping in my hometown of big old London City, albeit actually in the suburbs. There were some beautiful…
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There's a snake in my boot!

I lied, there wasn't a snake in my boot this week ... but snakes did feature, so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to use this quote from such an epic film (Toy Story in case you didn't know, but you should know because Toy Story is amazing…

Signals and mi-newt details

I know that every blog post, I say how amazing the last week has been and how I've seen so many cool species. This week is no exception and what a week it has been! There has been so much awesome stuff happen that this blog post would be ridiculously…
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No clever title, just a lovely week

There was a delay on this blog post as I was out late Sunday night on a brilliant evening of birding, but I shall come to that in due course. As the week started with birds, the week also began with birds as I visited the Abbotsbury Swannery…
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A number of new beasties

I gave myself the weekend off from blogging last weekend so there are two weeks to catch up on and it's been a mixed lot! In the Lepidoptera world, I’ve caught some beautiful moths recently including a Powdered Quaker, Angle Shades and a…
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Wear Sunscreen

An interesting week full of different things – events, exploration and of course some moths. With a moth trap on loan from a friend, and permission to set it out in the garden, I’ve been hoping for some interesting moths. A plume moth was…
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Step by Step, Lep by Lep

The title is a little obscure perhaps, but it is reference to the constant learning process that I’m going through, particularly when it comes to the moths whose taxonomic group happens to be Lepidoptera (which also includes butterflies). This…
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The bumblebee goes on flying anyway

This blog post focuses less on the traineeship and more on what I’ve been doing in my own time, and as with most of my learning so far, the majority has been on birds and moths. First, there was a revisit back to this gorgeous gull – the…
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