About Me

My name is Megan Shersby and I am a naturalist, blogger and bookworm.

As a young conservationist and naturalist, I am a member of a fantastic group called A Focus On Nature, and I am a committee member as their Online and Social Media Manager.

I admit to being an improving amateur in many areas of wildlife ID and knowledge, there is just so much out there! However, I am a strong advocate that you can never stop learning, and you should never stop learning.

You can also find me on Twitter, but consider yourself warned in advance that I tweet a lot about wildlife, as well as Game Of Thrones, Bake Off and my cat.

Latest Blog Posts

Wistful thoughts of spring

A few days of sunshine and it feels like spring could actually be on its way! I counted five 7-spot ladybirds (Coccinella septempunctata) in a Bedfordshire garden at the weekend, basking in the weak warmth radiated by the sun. They may regret…

2017 Wildlife Resolutions

After last year's mixed success of completing my resolutions, I am going to not aim quite so high - but I am still going to set myself 17 resolutions for the year. See a silver-spotted skipper butterfly (Hesperia comma). If I do this,…

Wildlife Resolutions of 2016

Completed Take part in BSBI's New Year Plant Hunt As discussed in 'Back from my break' (January 2016) Explore NT Wimpole Estate Definitely managed that, although I still didn't get to visit everywhere on the estate - but…

Lucy McRobert to NowforNature

This post originally appeared on the A Focus On Nature blog on 24th December 2016. Welcome to our 2016 Advent Calendar series (#AFONAdvent)! This year, our theme is “The Gift of Inspiration”. For each day, one of our members has written…
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Winter at Chesil Beach

Having recently read and reviewed Winter, I was reminded of the winter storms I experienced at Chesil Beach. The wind is rising. I can hear it buffeting against the windows, thundering its way down the street like it’s throwing a tantrum.…

Book Review: Winter – an anthology for the seasons

*This post originally appeared on the A Focus On Nature blog* Thus far the Season anthologies from E&T and The Wildlife Trusts have been wonderful reads, and when Winter alighted on my doormat, I had my fingers crossed for more literary…
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Making friends with dragons

Everything is beginning to calm down and sort itself out in my life, which is wonderful and also means that I may just have some time to write my blog again! Fingers crossed! There is a lot I could write about in this post, but I am going to…
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Life goes on

I haven't managed to write a blog post for three months now, which is just crazy. Due to a combination of being incredibly busy at work, very busy with A Focus On Nature work and some not-so-great stuff happening in my personal life, I haven't…
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#30DaysWild - Days 24 - 30

I had a manic few days to finish off the month of June and thus 30 Days Wild - pond dipping, moth trapping, butterfly chasing ... the usual stuff really. Rather than go through all 6 days, I have included the highlights below. Day 24 https://twitter.com/MeganShersby/status/746288139463950336 Day…
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