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#30DaysWild – Day 13

I was back at Wicken Fen today and in charge of 110 children! Fortunately they were ever so well-behaved and not too loud. I was doing the pond dipping sessions with them, and one of the children caught a dragonfly nymph that had started to emerge. However, it was absolutely chucking it down so I took the nymph inside to (a) warm up and (b) dry off!

You can see that it didn’t help all that much as the wings didn’t open properly, not helped further by the fact that the dragonfly kept falling onto them. At the time of writing (c. 7pm), the wings are still quite folded and crumpled. I’m not feeling hopeful for a full recovery.

On an additional note, my photo made it onto the BBC Cambridge Local Live page (posted at 17.49).

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    • MeganS
      MeganS says:

      I know, poor dragonfly 🙁
      Upside is that even though it hasn’t unfolded its wings properly, I have managed to ID it (I’m pretty sure it is a 4-spot chaser), so it can at least be a wildlife record!

      It is surprising how determined insects can be in the rain. I’m always amazed when I see bumblebees flying about in the pouring rain!


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