We’re All Going To The Zoo, Zoo, Zoo

A hen do in London meant that I visited an old workplace of mine, ZSL London Zoo, for an afternoon. I should specify, it wasn’t my own hen do!

It was a superb afternoon (and hen do in general), and it was very nostalgic for me. Particularly when we went to the section where I had worked as a keeper.

As we only had the afternoon there, we didn’t manage to get around and see all the animals, but I would say that we did quite well and across quite a variety of taxon groups!

As you can imagine, one of my favourite enclosures was the Butterfly Tunnel. Though I do feel there should have been more moths of course. They did have the caterpillars, though no adults, of the Atlas Moth so that made up for it. I also really enjoyed seeing all the pupae, especially as there were some butterflies recently emerged.

I apologise if this blog post is quite short – I am still recovering the hen do! Great fun but utterly exhausting!

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