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‘Fessing up to an urban love affair

As a naturalist and improving ecologist, you might think I would hate or at least dislike the large urban craziness that is our capital city (i.e. London).  I say that nay, it’s not true! Despite the greyness, the common “heads down, don’t talk to anyone” attitude and the high concentrations of people, I do love […]


Something old, something new

Just to clear up first, no I am not getting married. However, this part of the traditional saying rang true this week during my visit to Dorset, where I was room hunting prior to my move down there at the end of the month. Being me, I absolutely had to do some wildlife-related stuff during […]


A Walk In The Woods

Festive tradition saw my family and I taking a lovely walk, in an attempt to wear off some of the calories we had piled on during the gluttony that is Christmas. Past walks, dependent on the Christmas have been along Hertfordshire fields, up onto the South Downs, the Newhaven coastline and over the pebbles of […]

A green surprise in the centre of London

Earlier this week, I left my leafy suburbia and headed deep into urban environment. Rushing through dark tunnels on a Tube train where everyone was consciously avoiding each others’ eyes, walking through a swish but very grey Kings Cross train station and along a busy city street – which was also rather grey. But then […]


Wherefore art thou mongoose?

This was meant to be published in early October but my internet connection wasn’t good enough for upload photos, so here it is now.  Oh the frustrations of finding dwarf mongoose in the bush. To start off, they are pretty small – less than 30cm in length! Add to this, that they are a lovely […]